Note: Documents you submit to the tribunal are available to the public on request, subject to limited exceptions.

Forms and Filing

Mailing Address

Until further notice, the following changes are in place for submitting documents through mail. If you submit by mail or courier, you will experience processing delays.

Mail should be addressed to:

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
15 Grosvenor Street, Ground Floor
Toronto, ON M7A 2G6


The SmartForm Application and SmartForm Response make the filing process easier by helping you accurately complete the forms on your computer. Unlike regular PDFs, SmartForms:

  • can confirm all required questions are answered
  • can be processed more quickly
  • show you only the fields you need to fill out
  • only ask you the questions that are relevant to your application or response

Computer requirements for using SmartForm

Complete and submit your SmartForm using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 8 or higher). You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

How to download and save a SmartForm

  1. Before starting, please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe on your computer. It’s free to download.

  2. Click on the blue icon of the applicable Form.
    Apply with SmartForm
    Respond with SmartForm
    Respond with SmartForm
  3. The computer will download the form. Depending on your computer’s settings, a notification will appear either on the bottom left or top right corner of your screen.

  4. After clicking that notification, choose “Show in folder”, “Save in Folder” or “Download Form” (depending on your browser/computer settings). This will download the SmartForm into your “Downloads” folder.

  5. Open the SmartForm. If you see a “Please Wait” message, right click on the form from the “Downloads” folder, select “Open With” and choose “Adobe Reader”.

  6. You can now save the SmartForm, complete it, and/or share it by email with your legal representative.

  7. Once fully completed, ensure to follow the filing instructions prior to submitting the SmartForm by email at

To complete your SmartForm

Step 1: Carefully read the Applicant's Guide or Respondent's Guide for detailed instructions on how to complete the form.

You can also find helpful tips about HRTO's application process on the Human Rights Legal Support Centre website.

If you are an applicant and need help to complete an application, contact the Human Rights Legal Support Centre for assistance.

Step 2: Download and save the Application ("Form 1 or 1G") or Response to an Application ("Form 2") to your computer.

Step 3: Complete each field of the form and use the Applicant's Guide or the Respondent's Guide to help you complete the form. Save the form on your computer using the form name and your name e.g. Form 1 – [name]. You can also print the form for your records.

Step 4: When you are finished, click the "Review for Completeness and Save Form" button at the bottom of the form. If a required section is not complete, the SmartForm will prompt you to add the information before you continue. Once you have answered all required questions, save a copy of the form. Open your email service provider (e.g., Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) and attach your saved completed form (not a scanned copy of a printed form) and any attachments required in section 6 or 7. The subject line of the email must include the form name (i.e., Form 1), and your name. Then send to

Submit your Form by Email

Once you have completed your application, you can send the form and documentation required under the Code to

For detailed instructions on submitting by email, please refer to the guide Instructions to Submit an HRTO Application or a Response Form Online.

Note: is only to be used for submitting your initial application and required documents noted in the application. Afterwards, all other correspondence and documents must be sent to

Apply with SmartForm
Respond with SmartForm
Respond with SmartForm

Other Ways to File

All forms, except for the SmartForm Application and SmartForm Response forms and required documents noted in the application, must be:

  1. delivered to the other parties named in the application

  2. filed with the HRTO with a completed Form 23, Statement of Delivery (PDF)

PDF Forms

Forms are in PDF format (.pdf). If you need a form in print or alternate formats like large print, contact us.

Technical Notes

  1. To view, print or email these forms, your computer needs Adobe Reader. You can download this free software from Adobe's website.

  2. You cannot save the information you enter in these forms without Adobe Acrobat Pro.

    Save the downloaded form onto your computer and open that copy in Adobe Reader. Do not complete the forms in your browser. Some browsers will not allow you to complete your form.

    Most browsers will store (or "cache") documents on the hard drive of your computer so you can access them faster in the future. This feature may mean you are not accessing the most up-to-date version of HRTO forms. Clear your cache by holding down the "Ctrl" key and the "F5" key at the same time, or by using Ctrl+Shift+Delete.

Form 1: Application (SmartForm) Revised
Form 1G: Application (SmartForm) New
Form 2: Response (SmartForm)
Form 3: Applicant's Reply to a Response (PDF)
Form 4A: Litigation Guardian on Behalf of a Minor (PDF)
Form 4B: Litigation Guardian: Mental Incapacity (PDF)
Form 5: Request to Intervene (PDF)
Form 6: Notice of Commission Intervention (with consent of applicant) (PDF)
Form 7: Application by the Ontario Human Rights Commission (PDF)
Form 8: Response to Commission Application (PDF)
Form 9: Request to Withdraw an Application (PDF)
Form 10: Request for an Order During Proceedings (PDF)
Form 11: Response to a Request for an Order (PDF)
Form 12: Request for a Tribunal Ordered Inquiry (PDF)
Form 13: Response to a Request for a Tribunal Ordered Inquiry (PDF)
Form 14: Request to Expedite a Proceeding (PDF)
Form 15: Response to a Request to Expedite a Proceeding (PDF)
Form 16: Request for Interim Remedy (PDF)
Form 17: Response to a Request for Interim Remedy (PDF)
Form 18: Application for Contravention of Settlement (PDF)
Form 19: Response to an Application for Contravention of Settlement (PDF)
Form 20: Request for Reconsideration (PDF)
Form 21: Response to a Request for Reconsideration (PDF)
Form 22: Application for a Stated Case (PDF)
Form 23: Statement of Delivery (PDF)
Form 24: Summons to Witness (sample only)
Form 25: Confirmation of Settlement (PDF)
Form 26: Request for Summary Hearing (PDF)
Form 27: Application on Behalf of Another Person (PDF)
Form 28: Notice of Intervention by Bargaining Agent (PDF)
Confidentiality Agreement (PDF)
Mediation/Adjudication Agreement (PDF)

You can file forms with the HRTO by mail or e-mail.

If you require a form for a file that was opened with the Ontario Human Rights Commission before June 30, 2008 and was later transferred to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, please call 416-326-1312 or email: